Myspace, Facebook and even Twitter have become commonplace, ubiquitous and invisible. They have transformed from new ground-breaking culture-changing forces of nature to simple tools that we can’t imagine life or our inter-connectivity with out. Like the invisible web strands of mother culture, it shapes our new reality and last year’s reality is no longer relevant.

Application/Website Concept #1 – “HabitForming” or “Becoming” or ” MyProgram

Let’s say you are a biker, like Tour de France not Hells Angel.

What if you could follow Lance Armstrong (like twitter), but more specifically follow his habits?What he eats, how much sleep he gets, workouts in detail, etc.

This is something that I am interested in. If I start a running regiment I can open the door and go, but life is busy and I want the time spent on running to optimize my experience. If I’m 17 years old and leaving for college in GA, I can show up and figure it out, but wouldn’t it be more advantages to follow someone who is already doing this? I can learn from their experiences. I can objectively sort their habits into positive and negative as far as it pertains to me. I could create a manual for living based on others experiences.

The song goes, “I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger!” Well, maybe we all can.


The user enters habitual data through handheld or desktop on daily basis through a twitter/tumbler style blog (ie. w/ followers). A person’s profile can be private or public we varying steps between.

Data types/categories: basically anything that can be quantified

workout and timed habits, like running, reading, sleeping (start/stop times, calories burnt/consumed)
diet with food intake, what kind, time of day, etc
wake time, supplements, work type and hours, breaks, yoga, meditation, prayer, TV, computer use… expressions of love, relationships, products used, how you felt today compared to yesterday and even outlook on tomorrow.

Our consumption & function produces data and patterns that we rarely look at because they are second nature to us. Really this “idea” would be more of a program to help us program ourselves.

input, process, output on an individual level.

Followers can view and mimic things like wake time and diet or exercise schedule.

Data collection could come form various sources:

1. The app would ask you a series of set up questions like a survey…
“What time did you get up today?”
“Breakfast”, “time?”
“Shower” “how long?”
“Did you work out this morning?”
“Do you get up at the same time every day?”

2. Your calendar, alarm clock and eventually Nike/wristband/other sources that want to jump on board.

3. You can start simply with large chunks and then fill in the blanks.
a. Wake/bed and food consumption.
b. Add descriptive info like what you actually ate.
i. a cache saves info that you input, so the app begins to learn your habits-making it easier for you to input info quickly and often.
c. Add a fitness module, etc
i. I went on a 5 mile run from 7am to 8:15am

The user can share as much or as little, but as the program learns the user, it becomes easier to add more.
What do you think?