Many people are afraid of RFID chips. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want an implant either… Fear shouldn’t be a focus. Focus = Goal, so don’t focus on it unless it is what you want to expand.

When I go hiking I don’t worry about falling off of a large cliff – I am careful, but focus on the goal of enjoyment, the outdoors, distance, etc. I think as humans we need to prepare and if we don’t want RFID chip implants, than more of us need to speak up and do something about it!

Now, here is the point that Brave New World enters the conversation again. In BNW it isn’t that the establishment is a “Big Brother” type entity that is forcing us into slavery . It is much more elegant of a solution than that, the establishment distracts the masses with the modern trends and cultural intoxications.

The world exists right out in front of everyone’s face to see but no one can grasp that they are a relevant force capable of effecting and even steering the course of society.

Kind of half-ass blog this time… I’ll come back to it later.