What is next in the world of digital sound? While everyone is focused on distribution, platform, copyright and compression formats, I prefer to go steer another direction. What about the experience of audio itself? Yes we have new, higher quality sound systems every few years but nothing has really changed in the dimension of “music” since stereo.

I’m in a band and have logged thousands of hours in the studio for just a few albums… 100 songs maybe. I drop take after take and we use one final take. What about all of the other good takes that the rest of the band did as well? Thought is make a mp3 like delivery format that shuffles each individual recoded track. Every time the lister would enjoy a live feeling song that still has all of the production quality of the studio, but in addition reflects nuances of the singers vocal inflection or the guitar player’s different takes of the same solo.

In addition the tracks could be grouped. For instance a specific guitar part and drum part might always ply together, because the two parts would not make sense with out eachother.

Also the tracks would not shuffle indiscriminatly they would shuffle at markers, there would be volume control, effects that move and vary. It would be like a game or program almost.

Shit. I’ll write about the other thing next time.