Over the past year or so I have tried to collect, test, experiment and regularly use as many web 2.o sites as I can gain access.  I have become a loyal devoté to some while other avatars sit idle in the ether. What we use, we use often, but managing accounts can be a hassle and waste time. I imagine my “web identity” a jumbled “google cloud”- slowly moving avatars interweave with text and logos in a cacophonous sea of redundant data.

I have about 15, or so, sites that I use – all useful for something and all redundant in general information. How can a standardized www not observe the same logical disciplines so not to repeat it’s self on such a basic information level?

There are two ways to proceed. The grand gesture would be W3 standardization, but what is more likely is that a private company will find a way to cyphen all of the is data into standardization.