As I talk about my concept with people I keep using the same example of the how it all works.

In Greek Mythology the people and the gods dramatic interactions caused conflicts. For the sea there was Poseidon, for the sun there was Apollo. Zeus, the lord of all gods and men unified men and gods and brought order. His protective cape or shield was called his Aegis. In the physical world people would see evidence of this when a cloud gathered around the elevated slopes of Mt. Olympus. Zeus’ Aegis was a cloud that brought order to the gods.

In modern times the people and web2.0 sites foster interactions and cause often cause conflicts and redundancies. For blogging there are sites like WordPress, for friend communities there are Facebook and Myspace. My concept, the a home for all sites would unify men and their sites and bring order.  Zues’ Aegis would be a cloud and bring order to the web.

Still working on a name. I like the Hellenic theme, I can envision commercials where Myspacious and Diggious go on adventures though a modern Hellenic webscape. Storytelling the web this way helps less web savvy people follow the train of thought.