I was running and letting my mind wander – thinking about a long life, children, passing of wealth and knowledge. I was thinking about how if I was gone that I’d like to leave something “more” behind. If I was gone suddenly, I wouldn’t want my child to be a lonely trust fund, waiting for the check – becoming lazy – wasting his/her life. I’d want to be there to lend support.

So here’s the concept: A company that sets up a will based on a series of conditions that the principle would create before passing. It would be calibrated from birth. You would log in and answer questions so that a series of algorithms log and dynamically quantify your decision making process pertaining to said child. If he/she goes though a rough patch, you would log how you handled it. The database would run in the background so you could test it and see how it was responding – this way you could course correct. You could plan on sending messages on future birthdays and graduations that pic up on your personal humor.

Your bereaved would login to attain any trust fund, inheritance and to set up “deceased access” based on how much after life contact that they want. If it’s to hard to get a text message from dad saying “I love you”, that could be turned off or on. If the packers won the super bowl maybe you’d get a text saying “We did it!” or if your favorite team just got a great new player you’d get a message saying “This team is going to be great now!”.

Also the distribution of inheritance could be situation based. It would be dispersed by the deceased based on situations over the course of his lifetime. You could have videos of the deceased answering questions and giving life lessons, stories and memories. If the bereaved was feeling blue, they could “call dad” and get some prerecorded kind words that relate to the situation… “Remember when you were six and you fell of the swing…”

just a thought…