I keep thinking about the industrial revolution and wonder what it was like to live through it. It must have been exciting. The ideas that became the automobile, the assembly line and our modern way of life.

20 years ago today’s Internet would be considered science fiction… but here we are and It’s just the beginning. But where will we go from here? What will our great thinkers come up with next? How can you and I be a part of it?

New versions of HTML and CSS are here. Javascript and Ajax are conceptual relics. Flash, Papervision and After Effects have made their impact. The cloud is even old news.

In 2001 I was in Greece digging up pottery that hadn’t seen light for 2500 years. The site had aqueducts and complex street layouts. It is amazing to me that cultures were so advanced even back then.

Can you even imagine what culture will exist 2500 years from now? I don’t know if I can. If the world is still dominated by our species, relics of our customs and technology will most certainly be the building blocks.