Some people knit or train spot in their free time. I… organize my font library. Serif or Sans Serif – Blackletter or Didone, there are standard classes that exist. I have been forced to create one class in my library reserved for an elite group called “WTF/Amateur Night”.  I don’t want my eyes to burn from your horrible designs any more. Please follow these guide lines before committing any further glyph genocide.


  1. …you designed 15-30 letters for a typography II / graphic design class.
  2. …you really like a logo and want to turn it in a font.
  3. …you are modifying five glyphs in a classic font (I’m talking about you “Coolvetica”).
  4. …you run an existing font through effects or filters. (It’s not the 90s  anymore).
  5. …you don’t know what kerning is.
  6. …you can barely use the program.
  7. …you don’t understand the concept of path direction.
  8. …you are a beginner.

The above listed are all great explorations in design and I urge you to explore and tinker until your heart is content. Just don’t generate the font. Once you create a font and email it to a friend it is carved in stone. Years from now it will find it’s way into thousands if not millions of font libraries as debris – visual noise to wade through like a flooded basement after your septic tank bursts.

Don’t do it!