I have been working on Portland for over 5 years in between other projects and fonts. Maybe working is too direct of a description. I have been tinkering with Portland for over 5 years. Taking time off and stepping away from it has given me insight that I had not imagined. Uncertainties on “this way” or “that way” for a particular aspect have stayed uncertain until the presents itself.

I thought that I was 100% done with the U&lc and had moved onto carrying over the minor adjustments to the rest of set a few weeks ago. About 20 minutes ago I decided to increase the x height! It just called out to me as necessary. I want Portland to be highly effective for contemporary uses like the web and mobile, but have the air of a 1900s designed face such as Univers or Avenir. The balance of beauty and function is what has been driving my edits over the past few years.