Combat Family By Gus Nicklos for Herenow Creative. Client Nike Brand Design: Art Direction Jacob Wilkinson & Everett Vangsnes

Combat Font Family

In late 2010 the Combat Family was completed. The original scope of the project expanded and contracted and eventually we ended up with 14 faces. The following snapshots are to illustrate the family in use and were pulled from

The Letter K - 4 weights overlapping
The Letter S - 4 weights overlapping
The Letter R - 4 weights overlapping

The three above pictures are screen shots of the 4 weights overlapping or weight “rubric”. Upon examination you will see the directions of motion between light and black weights. It is not as simple as it looks and not as pretty in most font families. That is because its hard to do and not always even possible to have the overlaps nest inside each other. As the character gets heavier optics become more problematic to the integrity of it’s structure. These characters had to first look good on their own, work in context of the family, in various sizes and in context of the rubric.